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Reichsfuhrer SS (DVD/Vimeo) – The same independent filmmaker that gave us “Operation: Nazi Zombies” a few years back is back at again with another Nazi film that involves Heinrich Himmler on about a $25,000 budget. The film is about how Himmler became a murdering Nazi bastard and meets the gatekeeper of hell after his suicide in 1945. While with the gatekeeper of hell Himmler goes through his past of what started him on his incredible murderous path. The crew does an amazing job with costumes, use of locations, décor, and even the gatekeeper of hell. If I didn’t tell you the budget of this flick most viewers would guess that the budget would be more like $200, 000 or $300,000 because of how authentic things look. The crew, the actors, and filmmaker go all out in this bad ass entertaining film about Himmler getting what he deserved in the end. I love watching independent movies that pay attention to detail when it comes to pictures, flags, etc. when movies are set in a certain time period and they should be proud of this project. I give this flick 3 out of 4 stars
—Tim Gross, Gross Movie Reviews


Written & Directed By: David B. Stewart III, Crafting a believable film set in Nazi Germany on a modest budget is no small undertaking, but David B. Stewart’s “Reichfuhrer SS” tackles the task with aplomb, with great sets, amazing costuming, and incredibly inspired performances from himself, and his talented cast. If “Reichsfuhrer SS” needed to be broken down into a three word synopsis, one might suggest “Himmler in Hell”, as the film documents both the rise and fall of Heinrich Himmler (Stewart III in a truly creepy portrayal). Not having the stomach for murder, Himmler is blackmailed by Oberfuhrer Shellenberg (Martin Slamon) and must prove his mettle by murdering a young Polish girl (Angelina Leigh, in a emotionally jarring performance) before Hitler learns of his weak stomach. Conversely, the film also transitions into scenes of Himmler at the end of his life, being tormented by Erebus (John Martineau) the gatekeeper of Hell, so the film’s main narrative is actually being told in “flashback” as Himmler is reminded of how he started on his murderous path, a pretty unique approach in storytelling. Any film, indie or studio, lives and dies by the talents of it’s cast, and “Reichsfuhrer SS” features some of the most gripping work in recent memory. The aforementioned attention to detail in the sets and costumes are virtually secondary when the viewer is treated to scene after wrenching scene in this expertly scripted and acted film. Stewart III, Leigh, Slamon, and Martineau all deliver award worthy performances, and horror-host-turned-indie-actress Carmella Hayslett also briefly pops up as Mrs. Himmler, watching these thespians working with great material is truly a treat for the viewer. While I can’t testify as to whether this facet of Himmler’s story is genuine or not, I can say the “Reichsfuhrer SS” is one Hell of an ambitious film and sets the bar pretty high for “historical horror”, it deserves to be seen. Often.
Score: 9/10
—Scream King Tom,


“Reichsfuhrer-SS” is a story of war and murder. Reichsfuhrer Heinrich Himmler’s story appears to be a deranged love story in a sense. A cross between the past Present Day and the afterlife Present Day. Heinrich Himmler is deceased and suffering in a hellish prison, where two demons terrorize him and make him re-live the events that led him there. Himmler is also haunted by terrifying nightmares and hallucinations. 10,966,678. The many lives Reichsfuhrer-SS Heinrich Himmler and Fuhrer Adolf Hitler and his army has taken. This is embedded in his head when Himmler awakens to find himself chained in a nightmarish prison. A masked creature and a feral-looking creature serve as his captors. He let’s Himmler know that his pain and suffering will be long and tortuous, as he can expect to be brutally killed 10,966,678 times. Reichsfuhrer Heinrich Himmler’s loyalty to the Fuhrer stands strong, and he is greatly feared. However, David B. Stewart III’s “Reichsfuhrer SS” weakness of murder leads to him becoming suspended by Adolf Hitler after SS General Han Shellenberg informs Hitler of Himmler’s actions after ruthlessly killing off a group of soldiers for their disobedience and lack of cooperation. Hitler provides him a letter saying he must commit an act of murder of a Polish prisoner within 72 hours, to test and prove his loyalty. If Himmler fails his test he will be arrested and brought before the Fuhrer. Trying to complete his proves to be difficult for Himmler, as he is physically and emotionally sensitive to committing acts of murder and the sight of murder. Instead, the Polish prisoner’s death sentence becomes long and drawn out with verbal, mental and physical humiliation, abuse and rape. The nightmares and hallucinations that haunt Himmler takes him down a dark path of rage and vengeance, as he is driven to insanity. David B. Stewart III’s “Reichsfuhrer SS”The plot and storyline for “Reichsfuhrer-SS” is very good. A cross between the afterlife realm and the past. A look of events that took place through the memories of a man that’s being imprisoned by a demon and forced to remember and re-live his past life and the atrocities he committed. The Reichsfuhrer’s pain and suffering in his hellish prison is mental and emotional with promises of endless physical torture to come. The atrocious acts of Fuhrer Adolf Hitler’s team of henchmen gives a harsh outlook on the life of war and the nightmares prisoners of war face one they are in captivity. The cinematography in “Reichsfuhrer-SS” is a cross of dark, ambient lighting in the nightmarish realm, and soft, bright lighting in the Present Day. It’s very good and aids in helping the movie avoid looking cheesy. The Practical Effects and Special Effects in “Reichsfuhrer-SS” look very authentic. The nightmarish realm and the makeup of the demons are convincible and not over the top. The killing scenes are very realistic. The atrocities that go on in “Reichsfuhrer-SS” prove visually brutal and shocking to say the least. It’s filled with sadomasochism, torture, and murder. 83/100 -Amazing
—Stacy Cox,


Rogue Cinema:
When one reads the title of this flick, it normally sends a shiver down the spine it clearly identifies itself, as a feared German title, with varying degrees of emotions, and a vast amount of hatred. Reichsfuhrer-SS written and directed by David B. Stewart III with cinematographer and executive producer John Martineau, both who also in two pivotal roles in this historical horror-thrilling movie. Instead of making just another nazisploitation, movie concerning the dreaded center figure Hitler, he did some research and created a solid independent cinema well deserved film. If one doesn’t know, any reference to the title to this film, allow a bit of historical factual background, since World War II ended over 70-years ago, Heinrich Himmler was Adolf Hitler’s second in command, his most loyal friend, highly feared hence earning his title was Reichsfuhrer-SS. Himmler had direct involvement, with infamous camps, by simply signing his name the orders creating the horrific extermination of 6-million Jewish people and several millions others deemed unworthy to Germany and the Reich’s greatness. While the initial story comes from fabrication, it does have to anchors of reality, aside from Himmler really existing first, in 1941 August 15 or 17 Himmler “asked to see a shooting operation,” and Einsatzgruppe B Commander Nebe arranged such an execution of 100 people, 98 men & 2 women with Obergruppenfuhrer Karl Wolff in attendance. It is during the hideous event, retold by Wolff in court records and his diary that Himmler had never seen dead people up close, and resulted in brains hitting his jacket.(*1) After that incident Himmler slowly did away the shooting operations, and increase mass murder (via Holocaust) at Auschwitz. The second fact, on May 23, 1945 at the age of 44, while in British custody Himmler committed suicide in Luneburg, Germany and that is the starting point for the film. As stated, it all starts with Himmler (David B. Stewart) finds himself chain in a room in hell, which becomes recognizable throughout film as an infamous concentration camp gas chamber. He’s chained to the ground and the demon Erebus (John Martineau) from Greek Mythology, the gatekeeper of Hell greets him repeat a sequence of numbers, 10,966, and 678 referencing those he killed in both the camps and the killing squads. The repeats constantly with a bit of gut munching hints of his future, which at Himmler denies and cries out for God, a bit of hypocrisy since we learn in the movie he questions the existence. Erebus uses a lower ranking female demon (Tammy Jean) that effectively humiliates and teases Himmler as he cowers on the floor. Erebus retorts with the best line of the movie “God himself will beg, us to have mercy.” The powerful exchange between them builds incredible tension, and suspense, as the scene transitions back into the moment of that fateful day of Himmler attending a mass shooting. He’s shortly later blackmailed by opportunist Oberfuhrer Shellenberg (Martin Slamon) rats him out to Hitler making his test his loyalty and must prove his mettle by murdering a young Polish girl, Danuta (Angelina Leigh,) in an emotionally charged performance, that many A-list actress couldn’t achieve with the believability she musters for the scenes. Soon into this second act of the film, the second greatest line, and likely missed by many between Standartenfuhrer Klein and Himmler, where Klein “prefers cold weather”, the reply, “You’re on the wrong front”, reference the intense and deadly Russian and Germany front lines, and extremely brutal cold. Meanwhile, a great classic nod to the tortures found in the nazisploitation flicks from the 70s with regard to both Greta (Tina Krause) and Helga (Kelly Weston) whipping a captured Soviet Lieutenant, while dressing in skimpy outfits and Sadomasochism for to complete this Horror film. In addition, Himmler and Danuta’s interactions stir torturous moments he at times takes an S&M approach with the treatment of a pet, and later as incompetent equal. The entire movie nails for the horrors of war, the tortures of society and using the violence as a compelling way to push the story forward. One needs to look for the trippy and bizarre moment actress Carmella Hayslett as Mrs. Himmler appears and adds to insanity. An amazing job from the crew and set designers to create a very authentic appearance with limited funds in an independent movies that pay attention to detail when it comes to costumes, décor, pictures, flags, etc, shows a true dedication to craft of filmmaking. The best portion of the set construction exists in the room in hell, and just a glimpse one of the most dreaded words found on the wall appears to state Brausebad a German word for ‘shower’ (though the term has been excised from all usage since then) . This extended to the film’s creators taking a more thorough interest in their project with regard to extra research and fleshed out the characters that World War II enthusiasts may not have any familiarity to for this subject. Exceptionally cinematography captures all the horrors, exquisite gory moments and actors Stewart III, Leigh, Slamon, and Martineau all deliver award worthy performances. Only the briefest criticisms I have in my notes is that not all of the characters speak with a proper German and Russian accents, and perhaps nitpicking but, Slamon’s hair a tad too long, as the period time required a formal Undercut especially for the SS. This movie kept my attention creating an interesting paradox, about the afterlife and the horrors ones commit to deserve their wretched place. Erebus even states that the Nazis will keep them very busy and herein Himmler shows his true self, the Monster of all humanity, in death, he is unrepentant and arrogantly defining himself more evil than Erebus himself. The film has a gripping nature, and uses every ounce to create a deeply psychological drama, with horror undertones, mix with historical facts. I thoroughly and highly recommend this Reichsfuhrer-SS (distributed by SGL Entertainment) to all horror fans and in fact all cinematic lovers.
—Baron Craze, Rogue Cinema



One of the Best Nazi Horror Films I’ve Ever Seen!!!
—Stephen Goldstein, Movies Models and Music Magazine

Bloody, Gratifying and Innovative
—Michael DeFellipo, Horror Society Magazine

Wow! I really liked this flick
—Andy Champion, Video Carnage

Badass Entertaining Film
—Tim Gross, Gross Movie Reviews

a journey into the mind of a Nazi Killer
—Andy Champion, Video Carnage

9 out of 10 Stars… Expertly scripted and acted film
—Scream King Tom,

visually brutal and shocking
—Stacy Cox,

The film has a gripping nature, a deeply psychological drama
—Baron Craze, Rogue Cinema


Horror Hound Magazine



RFSS2Horror Society Magazine gives the new Reichsfuhrer SS Blu-ray Release 4 Stars.

“the film is a stunning visual masterpiece”

“A psychological examination of Himmler’s decent into madness”

Read The Full Review






The Reichsfuhrer-SS Heinrich Himmler was Adolf Hitler’s most loyal henchman and one of the most feared men of WWII. Surprisingly, he had only one problem… He had no stomach for murder! When the Reichsfuhrer-SS becomes physically ill during the execution of Russian POW’s on the Eastern front in 1941, ruthless, careerist SS General Hans Shellenberg rats Himmler out to the Fuhrer, Adolf Hitler. Hitler tests his loyal Heinrich forcing him to commit the murder of a Polish prisoner named Danuta with his own hands. Thus awakening the Monster within him that will horrify the world for generations to come! Himmler may please his Fuhrer in 1941, but what awaits him after he commits suicide in 1945 is nothing less than Hell itself. See what happens when Himmler meets Erebus, the gatekeeper of Hell! See the nightmarish suffering that awaits the infamous Nazi leader who murdered millions!

Naziploitation films are a sub genre of horror that always makes the viewer cautious to watch and hesitant to buy due to the stigmata of supporting the glamorization of real atrocities. Films such as SS Hellcamp (1977), Nazi Love Camp 27 (1977), The Gestapo’s Last Orgy (1977) and Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS (1975) are often considered the pinnacle of this sub genre, complete with all of the horrific torture, sexual sadism and death that has come to be a staple of these types of films. David B. Stewart’s Reichsfuher-SS can be added to this list due to how he has managed to not only find a way to somewhat “humanize” Heinrich Himmler and how he came about with the idea for the “Final Solution”, but also for how he handles the showing (or more accurately, NOT showing) of such sadism and savagery. Do not be mistaken into thinking that this film lightly glosses over the terrible crimes that were committed, but instead of grinding your face into sexual perversions and extreme gore, we get more of a psychological examination of Himmler’s decent into madness and hell (both literally and metaphorically). This is one of the biggest selling points of this film and in no way lessens the impact it leaves on you.

Made on a budget of only $25,000, the quality of the film is a stunning visual masterpiece that even some big budget Hollywood films fail to achieve. From the moment the film opens and we see Himmler after he has committed suicide via a cyanide pill, the camera picks up the gritty details of his personal Hell, complete with Erebus himself and a fellow demoness giving the tour. Vibrant color contrasts nicely with the digital effects and gives a surreal smokiness and grit to the surroundings, all while supplying the sense of dread and damnation that is about to happen. Even outside of the scenes in Hell, the locations used for recreating the Russian wilderness and Himmler’s own personal vacation home are stunning and help to make you believe you are looking back in time. One of the other things that stands out is the attention to detail given to not only the military uniforms, but the props (including flags, dinner plates, pictures and music). For such a minuscule budget, one would not believe the amount of things that you see in this film. Whether they are recreations, family heirlooms or objects that were donated to this project, the eye for detail should be celebrated and noted.

The performances of the actors can not be overlooked either. Director David B. Stewart III play the role of Himmler with a bit of nervous energy , balancing the contrast of his humanity against the monster he will soon become. Angelina Leigh’s portrayal of Danuta (the prisoner Himmler is sent to kill) is haunting to watch as she comes to grip with what her situation is and you really are hoping that she can convince Himmler not to do what he is sent to do. Tina Krause’s performance as Greta immediately flashed me back to the Ilsa films, bringing such a clinical and cold approach to the torture she delivers and seems to enjoy. John Martineau’s (Erebus) and Tammy Jean’s (Demoness) performances are wickedly horrific and makes you hope that if Hell exists, they are not standing there waiting for you. Chuck Maher’s performance as Standartenfuher Wolf may be the most chilling of all and really is the key piece that takes this film back to the above mentioned films of the genre. While not over the top, his character traits bring forth the perverseness and cruelty that many Nazi soldiers held. The scenes between him and Danuta really bring a lot of emotion to the film.

While people may argue the semantics of some small things in the film (like why only certain characters have German accents in the film and one small scene where an extension cord can be seen in the background), there is much to be applauded in this film. Subject matter be damned, you do not find many indie films that tackle such gruff subject matter in a way that does not make you want to scour your eyeballs with steel wool after watching. The obvious attention to detail and the ability to meld historical facts with a bit of creative freedom really gives this film a powerful narrative and a technical prowess that few ever achieve. Bonus points can be awarded for the really good Special FX as well. While not a film that drenches you in blood and gore, it does have its moments of splatter that can catch a weak stomach off guard. The demon make-up is quite spectacular and makes one hope that Erebus and his demoness get their own film series punishing the worst of humankind, and the ending credit zombie sequence is as spectacular as anything you see coming from that genre today. Well worth watching!

The Dedman / Horror Society Magazine



Reichsfuhrer SS Receives a Nice YouTube Movie Review on The Final Cut Hosted by Mark Krawczyk




Coffin Cuties Magazine

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