Reichsfuhrer SS

In Memory of
S. William Hinzman
1936 – 2012

Executive Producers:
John Martineau
David B. Stewart III
Associate Producers
Christian Jude Grillo
Kelly Weston
Chuck Maher

RFSS Heinrich Himmler – David B. Stewart III
Danuta – Angelina Leigh
Standartenfuhrer Klein – Chuck Maher
Oberfuhrer Shellenberg – Martin Slamon
Erebus – John Martineau
Demon – Tammy Jean
Gruppenfuhrer Wolff – Joseph Barford
Greta – Tina Krause
Helga – Kelly Weston
Soviet Lieutenant – Anthony Cerrano
SS Soldier 1 – Ian Stewart
Mrs. Himmler – Carmela Hayslett
Himmler’s Daughter – Morgan Elyse
Himmler’s Son – Aidan Martineau
Himmler’s Mother – Amy Watkins
Adolf Hitler – Richard Adams
General Topov – Joe Ronca
Soviet POW – Chris Clark
Soviet POW – Jeff Trently
Soviet POW – Christina LeFevre
Soviet POW – Derek Mindler
SS Soldier 2 – Andy Arnal
British Soldier 1 – Brent Belli
Soviet Zombies – Kevin Grotz

Matt Wendel
Tim Considine
Tim Allen
Set Photographer
Kelly Weston
Additional Photography
Carmela Hayslett
Joe Barford
Sound Recordist
Chuck Maher
Joe Ronca
Kenneth Kraft
Post Audio Services provided by
Potent Media LLC
Mixed at Potent Studios
Christian Jude Grillo
Color Corrector
Christian Jude Grillo
Camera Ops
John Martineau
Christian Jude Grillo
Joseph Barford
Kenneth Kraft
Kathleen Grillo
Burrell Stewart
Make up Artists
Kelly Weston
Kathryn Pepe
Heather McCook
Best Boy
Ben Wesler
Steadi-cam op
Chris Kovaleski
Production Assistants
Ian Stewart
Christina LeFevre
John Begley
Ben Wesler
Chuck Maher
Kelly Weston
David B. Stewart Jr.
Himmler Hair Stylist
Dana Stewart
Concentration Camp Costume by
Leonard Pollack
Costume & Production Design
David B. Stewart III

Pipersville, PA
Quakertown, PA

Special Thanks to:
David B. Stewart Jr.
Lloyd Kaufman
Potent Media
Clarence Worley
“Lost In The V”
Ground Control Recording

Any Likeness of any persons Living or Dead is completely coincidental
© 2015 Dapper Cat Pictures, LLC

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